Company Values

Every casino needs to follow certain values and principles without hurting the feelings of both the employees of the casino as well as the visitors to the casinos. These principles are very important for all of them and we are proud to declare to you that we are one among them, following all the laid down and mandatory principles without any deviations.

All are to be treated equally. We do not see a difference in any of them based on their classes or spending capabilities. For us all are equal and we give equal opportunities to all of them to be a part of us.

We also respect our employees who are full time on their toes moving around the casino fulfilling all the demands and needs of the gamblers. We do not look or treat them as employees but like one among us. They are given the right to speak, right to prove themselves right in cases of disputes etc…

We expect all our visitors to have and show due respects to the bartenders who stand ever ready to fulfill all their needs. There are cases where we have had tiffs between our employees and customers. And in such cases, every person is given a chance to talk and only on hearing to both the sides, would we decide on the person declared guilty.

We also expect our gamblers to follow and abide by certain values prescribed and devised by us. We expect them to follow dress codes and this is mandatory for us because we understand and respect the gaming area and since casinos are places visited by both men and women, there are possibilities for obvious problems, which might affect and damage our name and fame. We are here to serve the interests and urges of our visitors to the best possible and this you can experience with us the best.

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